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“I tried to get Social Security Disability benefits on my own and was denied. I didn’t know what I was going to do because my symptoms were getting worse and I could not work. I could barely keep up with my home and take care of my children without help from friends and family. I contacted the Frank Jenkins Law Office and was so very glad I did. Even though I was denied disability twice, Frank Jenkins won my case for me at the hearing level. I am so pleased with the hard work that Frank Jenkins law office put into my case. From day one the staff worked hard for me, kept in touch with me and made me feel at ease. I will definitely send anyone I know who needs a lawyer to the Frank Jenkins law office.”

Julie Gibson, Lexington, KY

I am new to Lexington and was recently injured on the city bus. The bus company had no compassion, care and definitely no concern about me nor my injury but instead, tried to give me THEIR injury amount and ignore me. I knew at that time, I NEEDED A LAWYER!! I called the so called “heavy hitter” lawyers that are on the commercials and found out that their strong point is COMMERCIALS and not cases. No one would take my case because it was city government. A year of nonstop searching while through surgery, therapy etc. someone gave me the phone number for the Law Office of Frank Jenkins and from the first “hello” I felt at ease and knew I was going to get the help I needed. I am so grateful for all they did for me! Not only did they take my case, do all the footwork and check on me to make sure I was alright and getting the care I needed but they won my case. I don’t know many people here in Lexington but I do know, IF YOU EVER NEED A LAWYER WHO WILL NOT ONLY FIGHT FOR YOU BUT GENUINELY CARES ABOUT YOUR WELL BEING DURING AND AFTER THE CASE IS DONE… THIS LAW FIRM IS THE ONLY ONE FOR YOU.”

Shjanita Johnson, Lexington, KY

“Thank you very much for being understanding and done a very good job. Also a great team you have Mr. Jenkins. If any problem I would have in the future you and your team would be there for me like I would be there for you!”

Michael Purdon of Lexington, KY

“I, my son, and my mother were badly injured when a car ran a red light and struck us on the passenger side door. This accident resulted in severe injuries to my family. Mr. Jenkins and his excellent team worked diligently to help us with everything from property damage to settlement of our claims. I received the policy limits from the insurance company of the vehicle that struck me and an underinsured settlement as well. My mother, Sheryl Therrien, and my son, Brian Mullin were also well compensated for their injuries. We felt very comfortable with them and could call anytime without getting the run around. They explained everything in detail so we could understand and feel at ease. We would most definitely return to Frank Jenkins Law Office if we were ever put in that situation again, without question. We highly recommend Mr. Jenkins and his staff for any type of injury.”

Darlene Mullin, Georgetown, KY

“Initially, I did not have much hope of getting awarded Social Security Disability benefits. I went to the Frank Jenkins Law Office for help. They fought very hard for me, and I was awarded benefits. I am very pleased with the outcome. You guys did a great job!”

Michelle Oliver, Flatwoods, KY

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