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I hired Frank Jenkins Law Office to assist me with my Social Security Disability claim. During my initial meeting with Mr. Jenkins’ paralegal, she asked me about a motor vehicle/pedestrian wreck I was involved in one year ago. I was told that Frank Jenkins Law Office could assist me with a bodily injury claim because of my wreck. I was a pedestrian and was hit by someone who fled the scene and was never caught. I had no idea I could make a claim with my own insurance company. Within only a few weeks, Frank Jenkins Law Office was able to get me the policy limits from my automobile insurance company. I was thrilled! I have all the faith in the world that they will do just as good a job for me on my Social Security Disability claim, and look forward to working with them.

Vanessa Woo – Lexington, KY

“Frank Jenkins Law Office filed my initial application for Social Security disability. Through the process, I was denied twice. I was encouraged all the way by Frank Jenkins’ staff and never gave up the hope of winning my appeal because of that. I was worried about how I was going to support myself and my family, but every time I talked to Frank Jenkins; staff, my worries went away. At the hearing level before the Judge, Frank Jenkins did a fantastic job and I was awarded disability. I encourage anyone filing for Social Security disability to let Frank Jenkins Law Office assist them.

Kevin Maggard – Lexington, KY

When I hired the Frank Jenkins Law Office to assist me with getting Social Security Disability, I was in bad shape. I had my application denied twice by the Social Security Disability Office and I just could not believe it. I could not work and was suffering terribly from medical symptoms. As soon as the staff at Frank Jenkins Law Office began working with the Social Security Office, I knew I was in good hands. Every time I called their office, I would actually get to speak to a person, who always comforted me. Frank Jenkins Law Office actually called me just to check up on me and see how I was doing. After Frank Jenkins Law Office requested a hearing on my behalf and continued to work with the Social Security Office, I was awarded disability benefits. I didn’t even have to go to a hearing. You need to contact the Frank Jenkins Law Office if you have been denied benefits. They will fight for you and treat you well.

Patricia Ford – Lexington, KY

When I contacted the law office of Frank Jenkins I had gone through weeks of neglect by insurance companies. My accident occurred when a vehicle hit my husband’s company car, and I was in a complicated situation. The law firm gave me immediate assistance so that I was able to start physical therapy. My doctors provided state of the art rehabilitation, and the law firm was able to put me in contact with the specialists that I needed. When the settlement came, they did their utmost to ensure that what I received was fair and were there for me when I had questions or concerns, which was almost daily. I will never forget their help and am very grateful for their professionalism.

Gael Britt of Lexington, KY

They always returned calls, answered questions, and advised me in a timely manner. Frank’s staff was always quick to help, and made me feel comfortable instantly. I honestly felt that from start to finish, Frank’s office fought for me. I didn’t feel like a number or that the office was too busy to assist me. Everyone was friendly and positive. Thank you so much for turning a negative in my life into a positive!

Lori Sexton of Georgetown, KY

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