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Elizabethtown Construction Worker Injured in 60-Foot Fall

Elizabethtown-Construction-Worker-Injured-in-60-Foot-Fall-ImageEach year, more than 1,000 workers are killed – and close to 150,000 are injured – in construction accidents in Kentucky and other states.

Falls are the leading cause of construction site mishaps, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Workers fall off roofs, ladders and scaffolding. Sometimes they plunge from one level of a multi-story building to another.

A construction worker was badly injured April 26 when he fell 60 feet at a jobsite in Elizabethtown, according to WLKY News. An EMS crew was called to the scene around noon. The victim was airlifted to a hospital, where he was admitted in critical condition.

OSHA Fatal Four Causes of Construction Deaths

Although the construction industry employs only about six percent of the nation’s workers, it accounts for close to 20 percent of all on-the-job deaths.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration is the federal agency responsible for enacting safety regulations and inspecting construction sites.

Here are the leading causes of construction worker deaths – what OSHA calls The Fatal Four:

  1. Falls
  2. Electrocution
  3. Being struck by an object
  4. Getting caught in or caught between something

The most likely victims are workers between 25 and 34 years old.

Most injured workers in Kentucky are eligible for workers’ compensation. Sometimes they may also have the right to sue other parties – such as equipment manufacturers, vehicle operators, property owners and engineers – who played a part in causing the injury.

A qualified Kentucky Construction Accident Attorney will be able to investigate the circumstances of a jobsite injury to determine who should be sued and what sort of legal action should be undertaken.