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Archive: Pedestrian Accidents

How Social Media Damages Your Personal Injury Claim

Social media has become a normal part of our lives. According to the Pew Research Center, sixty-nine percent of all American adults use Facebook, which makes it the most popular social media networking site. We think nothing of regularly posting a photo or an update to our online audience. However, those posts often depict a…

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Pedestrian Hit and Run Accidents Already Too Common in the New Year

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We are less than a month into 2016 and Kentucky has already seen several pedestrian hit and run accidents.  WLKY.com reports that two men who were injured in a Kentucky pedestrian hit and run in Lexington last month remain in the hospital. One of the victims has had his left leg amputated, and the other…

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Not Just Drivers: Pedestrians at Risk of Injury When Distracted by Cell Phone

Pedestrian Crossing

By now, every motorist should know that texting while driving is a dangerous and potentially deadly activity. While many studies on texting have focused on distracted driving,an increasing number are also examining the dangers of distracted walking. Now, a small study conducted by researchers in New Zealand suggests that texting and walking alters the way…

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The Facts about Kentucky Train Accidents

Seventeen people were killed in  train-related accidents in Kentucky last year. More recently, a man died after a train struck him in northern Kentucky. According to WCPO, the man was on the railroad tracks on a bridge at the time of the incident, which remained under investigation. Although the number of Kentucky train fatalities fell…

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Kentucky Pedestrian Accidents Are Often Serious

A lawyer visiting Lexington for a cross-country running competition this month was killed when she was hit by a fire truck downtown, the Lexington Herald-Leader reports. The lawyer worked for the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission in Washington, D.C, according to the news story. Kentucky police said the truck was not making an emergency trip at…

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