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Archive: Vehicle Accidents

How Social Media Damages Your Personal Injury Claim

Social media has become a normal part of our lives. According to the Pew Research Center, sixty-nine percent of all American adults use Facebook, which makes it the most popular social media networking site. We think nothing of regularly posting a photo or an update to our online audience. However, those posts often depict a…

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Car Accident Checklist: What You Should Do After the Accident

Being involved in a vehicle accident is a stressful, traumatic event, especially if you’ve sustained injuries. Here is a step-by-step checklist of what you need to do if you’re involved in a car accident. CALL THE POLICE Call the police (or call 9-1-1 if there are serious injuries). Don’t let the other driver talk you…

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Kentucky Reports Second Largest Reduction in Vehicle Accident Deaths in U.S.

Motor vehicle accident lawyer Reports Second Largest Reduction in Vehicle Accident Deaths in U.S.

Here’s some news to be thankful for as we consider our blessings during the holidays. Newly released federal data show that traffic fatalities on our state and nation’s roads and highways decreased last year. In Kentucky, the improvement was particularly notable. Traffic fatalities dropped by 14 percent in Kentucky—from 746 in 2012 to 638 last…

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Helmets Reduce Injuries in ATV Crashes

vehicle accident lawyer

Riding recreational vehicles is a popular outdoor pursuit across Kentucky’s rugged terrain, but it can be extremely dangerous, especially for those who don’t wear helmets. Riders who do not wear helmets are more likely to suffer severe traumatic brain injuries in crashes involving all-terrain vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles than those wearing helmets, a study shows….

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More Than 200,000 Residents of Kentucky Are Living with a Brain Injury

brain injury lawyer

Much attention is being focused on the prevalence of head injuries in professional and youth sports in America. Last year, nearly 5,000 former football players sued the NFL, alleging that the organization knew about the dangers of concussions but didn’t do enough to protect players from on-field injuries. Public health agencies are spreading the word…

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