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Common Reasons Social Security Disability Applications Are Denied

Filing a Social Security disability application can be a huge boon to a person who is injured or disabled to the point where they cannot return to work, assuming that the application is approved. Social Security disability benefits are intended to help a person who cannot earn an income pay for their basic costs of…

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Frequently Asked Questions About Mass Tort Claims

Every year, there are a number of products that cause injury to multiple people in Lexington, Kentucky and throughout the nation. When people are harmed by an unsafe product, they may choose to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer or distributor of the harmful product. When a product harms many people and attracts numerous lawsuits…

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Federal Judge Overturns Right-to-Work Laws in Hardin County, KY

labor lawyers lexington ky

States have the authority to decide whether to require workers to join a labor union to get or keep a job. About half the states in the United States have passed right-to-work laws giving workers the option of whether to join a union. Labor unions are still allowed in those states, but workers cannot be…

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Sue the Robot: Self-Driving Cars and the Future of Car Accident Laws

car accident lawyer lexington ky

Self-driving vehicles are likely the wave of the future. Do not be surprised if you hear a lot more discussion about robot driven cars – known as autonomous vehicles – in the next decade. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) recently released a letter confirming that it agrees with Google’s interpretation that the artificial…

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Pedestrian Hit and Run Accidents Already Too Common in the New Year

pedestrian accident lawyers lexington ky

We are less than a month into 2016 and Kentucky has already seen several pedestrian hit and run accidents.  WLKY.com reports that two men who were injured in a Kentucky pedestrian hit and run in Lexington last month remain in the hospital. One of the victims has had his left leg amputated, and the other…

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