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Kentucky Information

Kentucky derived its name from the Iroquois word “Ken-tah-ten,” meaning land of tomorrow.” A diverse and beautiful landscape offers lush rolling hills, rugged mountain peaks, glistening waterfalls, and mysterious caves. Located at the gathering place of four of the nation’s largest rivers, (the Tennessee, Ohio, Cumberland and Mississippi Rivers), Kentucky contains more running water than any other contiguous state. Kentucky is also known for its abundance of natural resources such as coal and wood and many towns such as HazardPikevilleAshland, and Paintsville have become famous due to this. Famed for raising magnificent Thoroughbred Horses and brewing the best American bourbon, Kentucky’s nickname is the Bluegrass State.

If you’re heading to state court in Kentucky, you’ll probably go to Family Court (a division of Circuit Court) or one of 2 trial courts: the Circuit Courts, which handle civil matters that exceed $4,000, capital offenses and felonies, land dispute title problems, etc.; or the District Courts, which handle felony preliminary hearings and civil cases involving $4,000 or less, city and county ordinances,  traffic offenses, probates of will, and voluntary or involuntary commitment.

If you have a personal injury case in Kentucky, your claim will be heard in civil court. Kentucky’s FAQs section gives you information about the Kentucky Court system. If you are confused about the terms you hear while in court, you may find this list of common legal terms handy. Once you’ve gone through a trial, you may have the right to appeal your personal injury case to the state’s Court of Appeals or the Supreme Court. The Kentucky Court of Appeals and the Kentucky Supreme Court are both located in Frankfort.

The Commonwealth of Kentucky reported a population of 4,042,769 in the 2000 Census. Frankfort, the state capital, boasts nearly 28,000 residents. Kentucky contains three large metro areas: Lexington, Louisville and the Cincinnati Metro Area, which spreads over from Ohio. These regions make up half of the state population. Kentucky boasts a temperate climate, a low cost of living, and real estate prices and crime rates well below the national average.

Kentucky’s public system of higher learning includes eight top-notch universities such as Eastern Kentucky University in Richmond, the Kentucky Virtual University and the Kentucky Community and Technical College System. In addition, there are nearly twenty independent or private colleges and universities, which include Transylvania University in Lexington and Bellarmine University in Louisville. Agriculture and industrial products fuel the local economy, with well-known companies such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Woodford Reserve (located in Versailles), Ale-8-One (located in Winchester), and Maker’s Mark contributing to Kentucky’s growth.

Kentucky is home to the world’s longest known cave, found in the Mammoth Cave National Park, with more than 335 miles of mapped passages. Nature enthusiasts enjoy exploring Cumberland Falls State Park, where a moonbow appears in the mists of the falls. Other natural attractions include the Red River Gorge Geological Area in the Daniel Boone National Forest and the lovely Land Between the Lakes Region, with a 700-acre Elk and Bison Prairie.