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Spring 2009 Newsletter

Spring is the time for flowers and no sweeter bloom has sprung than the Frank Jenkins Spring 2009 Newsletter!

Inside you’ll find:

Bring on Spring!

Winter has passed and it’s time to look forward to good weather and good news. Frank offers advice for the recently unemployed, workers injured on the job, and car wreck victims.

Ask the Expert

Is cheap car insurance the way to go? This article explains “no fault” PIP laws and how a few extra bucks a month can make a huge difference if you’re involved in a Kentucky car accident.

Keeping Up with my Mouth

Frank may speak before he thinks when it comes to some trivial issues such as toasters, but not on important topics for the people of Kentucky. In a recent TV commercial, Frank mentions the location that lawyers work from and how it may affect you as a client.

The Defense Medical Exam

Medical exams set up by insurance companies aren’t always fair, but they are necessary. Follow the tips provided in this article and you should get by without any more aches and pains.

  • Spring 2009 Newsletter Volume 1, Issue 4 (pdf)