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Bunchems Toys Causing a Tangle This Christmas

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The makers of Bunchems, the hot new toy for kids, have found themselves hearing from a lot of unhappy parents. While the tiny toys are adored by kids, parents across the U.S. have been complaining about the toy that comes in marble-sized balls in a variety of different colors, and can be used to create dozens of different shapes, ranging from animals to vehicles. Their Velcro-like nature however makes them a pain to unstick from children’s hair.

How to Remove Bunchems from Hair

There are multiple reports of these tiny, squishy, and sticky balls—which have been named on Target’s Top Toy List for 2015—getting stuck in kids’ hair, and the detangling process taking hours. In fact, Bunchems’ maker, Spin Master, has posted a 48-second video on YouTube showing parents how to remove Bunchems from hair. The video tells parents that they can use any “hair condition or vegetable oil” to help with the removal process. A parent is instructed to put the hair conditioner or vegetable oil directly in the palm of his or her hands, and then apply it to the area where the Bunchems are stuck. Then, comb any tangled hair located below the area where the Bunchems are stuck. Finally, simply gently tug on the Bunchems to remove. Per the video, the Bunchems appear to come right out when this method is applied.

Is It Really that Simple?

While the video makes it look easy, parents may not be so easy to convince. According to an article in The Wall Street Journal, it took one mother more than four hours of painstaking labor to remove the 60 Bunchems from her daughter’s waist-long hair. The removal process included the use of an entire jar of vegetable oil, heated coconut oil, forks, and eight sets of hands.

Beware of Bunchems

While Bunchems are likely not a dangerous holiday toy, they may indeed cause some stress for your family this holiday season. If Bunchems become tangled in your child’s hair, be sure to watch the video above for tips on removing them. In fact, Bunchems may just be many parents’ worst nightmare, especially because most kids are probably going to be requesting a set of Bunchems from Santa this year. If your child does end up with the toys, try to lay some ground rules up front about making hats….

Have Bunchems Been Recalled?

As noted above, Bunchems have yet to be recalled. This means that while it may be pain in the neck for parents, it is perfectly safe for kids. If you buy this holiday toy for your child, or if it is gifted to your child by another, be sure to have loads of conditioner and vegetable oil on hand, just in case.

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