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Archive: Distracted Driving

Distracted Driving Represents Growing Problem in KY Car Accidents

The car accident lawyers examine the growing problem of distracted driving accidents in Kentucky.

Distracted driving is a serious problem in Kentucky. According to the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety, there were more than 52,000 collisions in which distraction was a factor in 2013. Those preventable distracted driving accidents caused 9,000 injuries and 163 deaths. Distracted driving was a factor in 43 percent of all accidents and a fourth…

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Kentucky Simulates Distracted-Driving Dangers

motor vehicle accident lawyer

Armed with statistics showing driver inattention is a factor in many crashes, the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety uses a driving simulator to educate drivers, particularly young drivers, about the dangers of distracted driving. From high schools to shopping malls to community events, the D2 distracted driving simulator puts teens and adults behind the wheel…

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Distracted Driver Hits School Bus in Kentucky

Lexington personal injury attorney reports that a distracted driver hit a school bus in Kentucky

A recent Kentucky school bus crash sent more than 20 children to the hospital, and officials said distracted driving caused the collision. The bus was rear-ended by a car on May 5 when the bus driver stopped to pick up a child in Salyersville. Magoffin County Schools Superintendent Stanley Holbrook told news outlets that the…

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Focus on Driving: Be Alert to Distractions that Cause Car Accidents

April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month. To support the effort, Kentucky is offering its 3.6 million licensed drivers and residents a free, one-year subscription to TextLimit.com, a smartphone app that restricts users from performing certain actions while the vehicle is in motion. Kentucky transportation officials tested the TextLimit app thoroughly and concluded it was…

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Drivers More Prone to Drowsy Driving After Time Change in March

Businessman In Traffic

In just a few weeks, the majority of Americans will “spring forward” to mark the beginning of Daylight Savings Time. It’s a time that many people welcome because longer days allow for more time outside as the weather gets warmer. But experts say that in general, the spring time change is harder for people than…

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